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ICE LE -入门级自动频道播放

Broadcast-Quality Playout in a High-Density IT Appliance

ICE LE is our most affordable and compact integrated playout device. 这个基于it的系统提供了操作, technical, regulatory and commercial functionality required for broadcast playout environments, dramatically increasing efficiency while reducing costs and complexity.

ICE LE can be used as a standalone channel-in-a-box for smaller operations or as a cost-effective way to expand existing ICE installations. ICE LE提供了与ICE相同的大部分功能, 但是减少了足迹, with reconfigurable four inputs or outputs; from 4 in, 0 out, up to 0 in, 4 out.


  • 减少新项目的资本支出
  • 消除广播链集成的麻烦
  • Condenses your entire transmission chain into 1 rack unit
  • 适用于任何规模的系统
  • Mix and match ICE and ICE LE in your system to get the most appropriate functionality where you need it
  • Uses proven automation technology from the world’s premier automation provider
  • Delivers IT efficiency without losing broadcast resilience
  • ICE LE systems have resilience at the core of every design, 能够实现超过99的工作时间.999%
  • Grass Valley systems evolve with our customers’ needs ensuring a long life and maximum ROI
  • ICE LE is built around inherent flexibility called FlexiCore. FlexiCore is a software-based "virtual router" that allows all resources in the playout workflow to be flexibly allocated to the signal path based on where they are required. Other products with fixed-signal paths will inherently limit flexibility and may not be suitable for some applications
  • Grass Valley ensures all its functions conform to the relevant SMPTE and EBU standards
  • 从单个ICE单元获得1到4个高清频道
  • Minimizes the need to transcode ICE LE supports a multitude of codec and wrapper formats


  • 连续播放多种文件格式
  • Validation service to visually report video file problems to operators
  • 添加Morpheus UX用于主控制操作
  • Make playlist changes 2 seconds before air with confidence
  • 多个磁盘和磁盘
  • RSS/XML文本爬行
  • 静态和动画徽标
  • 从内部文件播放器预先录制的音频
  • Closed captions and subtitles in multiple formats and languages
  • 放大和缩小封闭字幕和字幕的比例
  • Automatic HD upscaling and SD downscaling that respect source AFDs
  • 电弧和AFD插入
  • V-Chip和XDS插入
  • 固定从输入到输出的延迟
  • Mix transitions between any sources, including live inputs
  • Ancillary data — preserve, pass through, insert, and up/down scale
  • 本地存储2tb
Format CODEC Bit Rate Mb/s Audio Channels 支持包装 Ancillary Data
DV25 DV25 25 2, 4, 8, 16 Avi, mov, mxf, gxf, LXF MOV, MXF, GXF
DVCPRO 25 DVCPRO 25 25 8, 16 Avi mov mxf LXF MOV, MXF
DVCPRO 50 DVCPRO 50 50 8, 16 Avi mov mxf LXF MOV, MXF
DVCPRO HD DVCPRO 100 100 8, 16 Avi mov mxf LXF MOV, MXF
IMX D10 Range 4, 8 AVI, MXF, LXF MXF
Xdcam hd 4:2:0/4:2:2 XDCAM 50 4, 8 MXF, LXF MXF
mpeg - 2 4:2:0/4:2:2
MPEG-2 Range 2, 4, 8, 16 Avi, mpg, mxf, gxf, mov MOV, MXF, GXF
SD MPEG与alpha MPEG-2 40 0 AVI, LXF x
高清MPEG与alpha MPEG-2 60 0 AVI, LXF x
AS-11 AVC-Intra100 114 1 - 16 MXF MXF
WMV WMV9, 10, 11 Range 2 WMV x
H.264 MPEG-4 Range 2, 4, 8, 16 MP4 MP4



Total of 4, can be reconfigured during installation to be any balance from 4/0 to 0/4

ICE LE从输入到输出具有固定的延迟

Horizontal delay in microseconds or genlock vertical delay in lines can be introduced with reference to the analog blackburst reference input

Operating System

Windows Server 2016


Height: 43 mm (1.7 in.)  
宽度:437毫米(17.2 in.)
深度:724毫米(28.5 in.)
Gross weight: 18.6 kg (41 lbs.)

Power Supply


Engineering Tools
ICE LE comes complete with essential engineering logging, diagnostic and configuration utilities

All system activities are logged to a local or network drive


Insert 1 kHz tone to individual audio channels to check installation and correct functioning of audio shuffling features, for example

Software monitor to check any source when SDI is not available during testing and configuration

Elegant Restart

如果一个单元因为任何原因需要重新启动, the on air material will be rejoined at the correct frame, and does not need to wait for the next event transition, 减少您的停机时间


ICE LE允许afd通过, or for the system to insert specific scheduled AFD codes from the playlist. 个别解码器也可能有默认的afd设置
ICE LE reacts to an AFD by comparing the value and the destination frame size and ARCing appropriately. One possibility this offers is allowing HD and SD simulcasting of the same channel with correct aspect ratio on both outputs
AFDs can be read from both files and live incoming sources
Grass Valley has also helped customers who needed custom non-SMPTE codes. These are now available to be scheduled in exactly the same way as standard codes


AFD values are used to correctly ARC the video on output
For PAL systems ICE can be configured to prefer WSS or RP186
ICE can read Ancillary Data Packets that conform to SMPTE ST 291
ICE can read VANC data from SMPTE ST 436 compliant MXF files

通过选择相关的编解码器和包装器, all ancillary data can be encoded as a SMPTE ST 436 compliant MXF track

AFD metadata contained in valid files will be read and regenerated as VANC data in the SDI output





Grass Valley’s services include Sales Engineers who are on hand to ensure the system design you need will perform as expected.


All codecs except the following are included for ICE LE:

  • Apple ProRes
  • Avid DNxND


  • Dolby E encode
  • Dolby E decode
  • 音量调整
  • 观众测量-尼尔森和凯度
  • EAS

The following are not available in ICE LE, instead please look at the main ICE product

  • Advanced Graphics
  • 媒体验证II


Base Features
  • 多达4个HD/SD解码器
  • /缩小规模(包括. SMPTE RP 186支持)
  • 主控制转换(视频 & audio)
  • 每个频道混音器最多8个按键
  • 水平和垂直线定时调整
  • Flexicore内部路由器只能手动控制
  • Flexicore通过自动化控制内部路由器
  • 静态和动画徽标
  • Two box DVE
  • One box DVE
  • 文本抓取生成
  • 爬行生成(RSS或XML)
  • 内容验证服务-离线
  • 自动控制的ARC/AFD
  • Delay server
  • 杜比E直通支持


  • 每个混音器最多4个音频over
  • Provide audio 5.1 downmix
  • 自动控制音频变换和增益
  • Omneon兼容的标签音轨
  • 字幕(608/708)和字幕传递
  • 基于文件的字幕/字幕
  • 608到708个字幕
  • 708到608个字幕
  • WST (teletext)
  • 打开字幕(实时渲染)
  • Live closed caption insertion from external supplier (VITAC)
  • 基于OP47标准的缩放
Ancillary Data
  • AFD-based扩展 & data insertion
  • TC用户位插入
  • 生成DTMF音调
  • scte104插入和解码
  • XDS v芯片插入




Up to 4 inputs. Can be used for Live sources, encoding or Key and Fill from external graphics devices

多达4个可配置输出. For example:
1 channel – SD program output, HD simulcast output, preview output, clean output

ICE的视频输出符合SMPTE ST 292标准

20mb /s的文件传输到本地存储
ICE LE has 5 mini BNC connectors: 4 for SDI video; 1 for analog blackburst reference


Additional premium level features are available in the 2 RU ICE product:

  • Advanced 2D & 3D graphics
  • 尼尔森观众监测
  • 硬件加速性能
  • Quantum的媒体优化文件系统
  • Variplay
  • 本地存储的增加
  • Up to 12 I/Os
  • 额外的编解码器- Pro-Res, DNxHD



ICE LE: Broadcast-Quality Playout in a High-Density IT Appliance Datasheet

ICE LE, from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, is our most affordable and compact integrated playout device. 这个基于it的系统提供了操作, technical, regulatory and commercial functionality required for broadcast playout environments, dramatically increasing efficiency while reducing costs and complexity.



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